Aladdin Management System for Small & Medium companies

Small and Medium businesses require a robust Data Management System to efficiently organize their warehouses, track product stocks, manage both client and supplier accounts, handle sales and offers, and process purchase orders and requests. Implementing such a system enhances operational efficiency by streamlining inventory management processes and ensuring accurate financial tracking. This enables businesses to make informed decisions, improve customer service, and optimize supply chain management. Moreover, a Data Management System empowers staff by simplifying complex tasks, reducing manual errors, and enabling better collaboration across departments. Ultimately, it leads to increased sales, improved customer satisfaction, and sustained growth for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Core Features:

  • Built from Scratch: All our work is coded entirely from scratch using our own codes without using any ready-made platforms, whether free or paid, providing maximum protection, development flexibility, and performance excellence.
  • ِAccessibility: Responsive design compatible with all screen sizes and devices and can be used via any browser running on any operating system.
  • Flexibility: Ability to export system information in Excel Sheet or save as PDF format from the browser.
  • Dashboard: Home page displaying brief details of the system's performance as a whole: total sales, total expenses, total profitability, etc.
  • Settings: System settings, website settings (if linked to a website), email settings.
  • Bulk operations: Table containing details of batch operations requiring activation codes sent to users.
  • User groups: Table containing system user permissions to control their access based on their roles.
  • Users: Table containing all system users, their respective groups, activation status, and suspension status.
  • Maintenance: Maintenance system assisting the system manager in updating all system indicators in case of any malfunction suspicion.
  • Backup: Backup of all system content in CSV format Excel files.
  • Branches: Table containing all branch information and specific alerts for each branch.
  • Banks: Table containing financial sources, currencies, and balances of each.
  • Banking transactions: Table containing all banking transactions recorded in the system.
  • Warehouses: Table containing warehouse details, their inventory, and alerts for product expiration.
  • Traders: Table containing details of clients, suppliers, their files, and activation status. The traders system allows linking a client's and a supplier's account to the same trader for automatic balance settlement without the need for an intermediary account or creating separate accounts.
  • Shipping: Shipping-related system with pricing mechanisms, shipping companies, balances, and reports, including:
    • Shipping provinces and cities.
    • Shipping companies.
  • Discount coupons: Table containing discount coupons with start and end dates, discount type, and value.
  • Price quotes: Price quotes sent to potential customers with the ability to email them.
  • Products: Product control system providing various tools to view product details in the system, including:
    • Product categories.
    • Product brands.
    • Product attributes - paid additional service: adding attributes to sub-products like color or size, etc.
    • Products.
    • Product offers - paid additional service: ability to combine multiple products into a new offer.
    • Product comments (if linked to the website).
    • Product alerts: alerts for inventory balances.
    • Product subscriptions - paid additional service.
    • Product files - paid additional service.
  • Purchases: Purchase control system providing various tools to view purchase details in the system, including:
    • Purchases and their storage.
    • Purchase returns and preparations.
    • Purchase orders: orders to suppliers with the ability to email to multiple suppliers at once.
  • Orders: Order control system providing various tools to view order details in the system, including:
    • Orders and their preparations and shipments.
    • Order returns and their storage.
    • Late order alerts.
  • Accounting departments: Divided into:
    • Miscellaneous expenses and their departments.
    • Miscellaneous revenues and their departments.
    • Collections: table containing details of customer collections directly applied to their invoices.
    • Payments: table containing details of payments to suppliers directly applied to their invoices.
  • Reports: The system includes a variety of 18+ reports
  • Manufacturing operations - paid additional service: additional system for recording manufacturing operations details.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) - paid additional service: additional system for monitoring sales staff performance with new and potential customers, ability to distribute them to teams for increased competition, transferring forms between sales staff, and importing and exporting information in Excel files. It also provides flexibility in adding customer sources and communication channels for maximum productivity.
    • CRM forms dashboard: displaying summarized details of CRM system performance during the month.
    • Forms: details of potential customers and the responsible salesperson and the products they are interested in.
    • Form products: table containing customers and their interests.
    • Form responses: table containing all sales staff interactions with customers.
    • Form alerts: table containing forms that need follow-up or re-follow-up.
    • Advanced forms: all current and potential customers.
    • Forms generator: forms generator tool enabling searching for customer interests and purchasing behaviors and previous shipping cities and orders to reach targeted customers from your current customers and adding them collectively in new forms and distributing them to sales staff for re-targeting and achieving higher sales.
    • Form reports:
      • Sales staff report.
      • Advanced forms report.
      • Product/interest report.
      • Source report.
      • Communication channel report.
  • Human Resources Management (HRM) - paid additional service:
    • HR dashboard: displaying summarized details of attendance and departure performance during the month.
    • HR settings.
    • Departments.
    • Administrative announcements.
    • Employees.
    • Attendance:
      • Attendance devices.
      • Attendance days: to specify work days and holidays.
      • Attendance and departure.
      • Permissions.
    • HR accounting:
      • Loans.
      • Commissions.
      • Bonds: cash or tools.
      • Rewards: cash or days.
      • Penalties: cash or days.
      • Salaries.
    • HR reports: HR reports provide 9 types of reports on the details of HR management as a whole or for each individual employee.
  • Website sections - paid additional service:
    • Sliders.
    • Pages.
    • FAQs.
    • Image galleries.
    • Offices.
    • Success partners.
    • Work members.
    • Customer comments.
    • Static pages.
    • Advertisement spaces.

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