Mobile Applications

The continuous daily increase in smart phones sales makes the presence in mobile applications crucial for ambitious companies that aim to have affective market presence. Mobile applications provide new environment that allow your service users to order and track your services easily and directly from their phone main screen. Mobile applications development is being done over 5 main stages.

  • Preparations for Administrator Panel start with analyzing the system and the information needed to be added to the application. This analysis includes the type of these information (Text, Images or Videos) and it shall be displayed (Text only, Text with photo or text with multiple photos ... etc.) and specify all protentional cases.
  • Visitors interface is built after specifying the application initial layout. Application screens are being designed and drawn using Adobe Photoshop.
  • Depending on the information provided from the system analysis performed in the previous step, our developers will be able to create a database that can index all this information and make sure it’s being fetched correctly when needed. Then they’ll start coding the Administrator Panel which will allow the system administrator to control all the application sections from A to Z. We perform many important tests to make sure all permissions and functionalities are working as expected.
  • The application will require Application Programming Interface (API) which will allow communication between the application and database to fetch, add or edit information from it. PHP programmers code that interface according to application specifications.
  • Application developers will code the application screens and connect them with Application Programming Interface (API) according to application analysis and screens drawn using Adobe Photoshop. Our developers using Java for applications running in Android and Swift for applications running in iOS.

After finish coding the application, it will be published in application stores like Google Play for phones running Android and Apple App Store for applications running iOS.

Skills & Programming languages required:

  • HTML: Main programming language to Administrator Panel. It’s the language understood by browsers to display content.
  • CSS: Programming language used to define colors, dimensions, fonts and it’s responsible for beautifying the raw content in HTML code. We also can use assistant libraries and frameworks like Bootstrap, Font-Awesome … etc.
  • JavaScript: It can perform many functionalities, but mainly is interacting with visitors, change content and send/receive information between user and server according interactions from visitor.
  • MySQL: Database engine, and it’s the digitalized version of work books where all business information is stored.
  • PHP: Main project code engine which connect all other 4 programming languages together. It can insert, edit and delete information from database and convert it to HTML format that internet browsers can read. It’s also used to develop Application Programming Interface (API) that convert the data to JSON format that can be read and understood by the application.
  • Photoshop: Used create application screens for approval then being sent to mobile developers to code.
  • JSON: Data format that is used to send and receive information between application and server in Application Programming Interface (API).

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