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Real-estate developers and brokers need a real-estate listing website to showcase their properties to a wider audience, effectively reaching potential buyers or renters. This online platform boosts their business by increasing visibility, credibility, and accessibility, ultimately leading to more sales or rentals. It improves their image by portraying professionalism and innovation, attracting clients who value modern and efficient real estate services. Additionally, a user-friendly website streamlines the property search process, saving time for both consumers and staff. With detailed listings and high-quality images, clients can make informed decisions quickly, reducing the workload for agents and enhancing customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to increased sales and referrals.

Shoman Systems, with its experience since 2007, has developed the expertise to create and maintain real-estate listing websites from scratch. Over the years, the company has honed its skills in web development, system architecture, and user interface design to meet the specific needs of the real estate industry. Their proprietary platform allows for flexible customization and seamless integration of essential features like property search, detailed listings, virtual tours, and contact forms. Shoman Systems' team of experienced developers and designers ensures that each website is tailored to the client's brand identity and target audience, guaranteeing a unique and effective online presence. With a proven track record of delivering successful real estate websites, Shoman Systems is the trusted partner for developers and brokers looking to enhance their online presence and drive business growth.

Core Features:

  • Built from Scratch: All our work is coded entirely from scratch using our own codes without using any ready-made platforms, whether free or paid, providing maximum protection, development flexibility, and performance excellence.
  • Multilingual: The website operates in both Arabic and English by default and additional language can be added.
  • Customizable: Content is controlled through an easy and direct control panel.
  • Responsive Design: The website and control panel feature a responsive design compatible with all screen sizes, devices, and search engines.
  • SEO: Implementing relevant keywords, meta tags, and structured data, as well as improving website speed, mobile responsiveness, and overall user experience.
  • Home Page: It includes sliding images, a welcome message, and excerpts from other sections.
  • About Us Page: It contains information about the company, vision, mission, and strategy.
  • Partners: An unlimited number of friendly companies can be added to the home page or the About Us page.
  • Customer Reviews: An unlimited number of reviews can be added to the home page or the About Us page.
  • Team: An unlimited number of team members can be added to the About Us page.
  • Properties Filters: This includes types, cities and provinces.
  • Properties Sections: Each section contains products with the possibility of rearranging them according to the client's preference.
  • Property Details: It includes property information (name, a set of images displayed in sliding format, explanatory video, written description).
  • Add Your Property: A digital contact form for receiving property information, photos, and owner details for display on the website.
  • Search Engine: The ability to search for properties by name, price, or any other filters.
  • Contact Us: This page includes a digital contact form, contact information, and the location on Google Maps.
  • FAQs: It contains categorized questions, answers, and customers can search within them.
  • Blog: It contains an unlimited number of news sections, with each section having a name, image, and written description. They are divided into news, videos, etc. Each post contains details such as name, image, written description (including HTML codes), or a link to view the video through the YouTube platform.

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