Dental Academies Management System

Dental academies require a specialized management system and CRM to effectively handle the unique intricacies of their field, such as organizing lectures, managing practical work and workshops, handling hotel bookings for foreign students, overseeing the certification process, and managing instructors' fees and schedules. This comprehensive system streamlines administrative tasks, allowing staff to focus more on delivering high-quality education and training. By efficiently managing these essential details, dental academies can enhance their overall business operations, improve staff productivity, and ultimately increase sales. Additionally, a tailored management system provides valuable insights through analytics and reporting features, empowering academies to make data-driven decisions and optimize their educational programs for better student outcomes. Overall, investing in a dental academies management system and CRM is crucial for boosting efficiency, enhancing staff performance, and driving growth in the competitive field of dental education.

Core Features:

  • Built from Scratch: All our work is coded entirely from scratch using our own codes without using any ready-made platforms, whether free or paid, providing maximum protection, development flexibility, and performance excellence.
  • ِAccessibility: Responsive design compatible with all screen sizes and devices and can be used via any browser running on any operating system.
  • Flexibility: Ability to export system information in Excel Sheet or save as PDF format from the browser.
  • Dashboard: Home page displaying brief details of the system's performance as a whole: total sales, total expenses, total profitability, etc.
  • Settings: Modify key settings such as system configuration and email.
  • User groups: A table containing system user permissions to control their permissions according to their roles.
  • Users: A table containing all system users, their respective groups, activation status, and deactivation.
  • User breaks: A table containing employee breaks and the duration of the break.
  • Banks and safes: A table containing financial resources, their currencies, and their balances.
  • Currencies: Ability to add invoices and expenses in up to 3 currencies of the client's choice.
  • Customers (students): A table containing student details, their respective files, and activation status.
  • Instructors: A table containing instructor details, their respective files, and activation status.
  • Supervisors: A table containing supervisor details, their respective files, and activation status.
  • Courses: A table containing all course details within the system and control over them.
  • Groups: Unlimited number of groups with the ability to link them to students, instructors, and group-specific expenses.
  • Lecture halls: An unlimited number of lecture halls and a calendar for room usage for lectures.
  • Lectures: An unlimited number of lectures linked to the group, room, instructor, and ability to display them in the calendar.
  • Practicals: An unlimited number of practical lecture linked to the group, room, instructor, and ability to display them in the calendar.
  • Exam results: An unlimited number of exam registrations and results for students.
  • Certificates: An unlimited number of certificates for students.
  • Instructors Fees: Registration of instructor contracts, payments made, outstanding amounts, and installments.
  • Miscellaneous expenses: Expenses not related to group activities such as rents, operating expenses, and employee salaries.
  • Miscellaneous revenues: Revenues not related to group activities such as cafeteria revenue, office supplies, or study tools.
  • Orders: Registration of student subscriptions in groups, payments made, outstanding amounts, and installments.
    • Order Details.
    • Installments.
    • Documentations.
    • Accodations.
    • Memberships.
  • Order Tasks: Automatically assign task reminders to staff members based on their roles and departments, in accordance with order details and group events.
  • Customer Relationship Forms:
    • An unlimited number of forms detailing the student and the salesperson responsible.
    • An unlimited number of responses to forms to record interactions between the salesperson and the student.
    • Ability to search for interactive students with specific courses within a specific period.
    • Ability to transfer student forms between salespersons. o Bulk import and export of form information in CSV and Excel formats.
  • Backup: Creation of an unlimited number of backups with automatic backups of the database every 12 hours for 6 months.
  • Logs: A table containing the log of operations performed by all system users.
  • Reports: The system includes a variety of 20+ reports

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