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Web Development

Web Development

Building a web project from scratch isn't a simple process that demands a wealth of skills and experience across various programming languages. Typically, a web developer utilizes five fundamental programming languages for this task, along with additional languages and skills for mobile applications development. Proficiency in each is essential. Clear outlining of project steps is crucial for saving time and effort. The web project typically consists of two primary sections: the Administrator Panel and the Visitor Interface, and this project delivery strategy consists of multiple steps.


Each web project, whether a website or a mobile application, requires two types of preparations:

  • Backend: Analyzing the system and the required information for project publishing. This analysis encompasses the type of data (text, images, or videos) and its display format (text only, text with single or multiple photos, etc.), addressing all potential data flow scenarios.
  • Frontend: Designing the user interface, which comprises various patterns and subsections. Careful consideration is given to selecting colors that harmonize with the company logo and the displayed content.


Project development is the result of cooperation between various departments, each contributing their necessary skills.

  • Databases: Based on the system analysis, our system architects design a database scheme capable of efficiently indexing and storing all provided information and ensuring accurate retrieval when needed.
  • Control: We build an administrator panel that grants system administrators comprehensive control over all project sections. Rigorous testing is conducted to verify proper functionality and permissions.
  • User Interface: After outlining the interface layout, designers and front-end developers initiate coding, strategically placing browsing links for easy navigation. This facilitates access to required information, presented in an organized manner to showcase all features effectively. A key challenge lies in consistently optimizing content for various browsers and screen dimensions (including laptops, tablets, and mobiles), necessitating thorough consideration of all potential cases during content creation to ensure compatibility.
  • Backend-Frontend Integration: Bringing life to the user interface by importing real content controlled by the administrator dashboard from the database into the visitors' pages.


Our aim is to identify any functional or usability issues. Initially, we brainstorm user scenarios for each website function or feature, incorporating them into a comprehensive test plan to ensure successful outcomes.

  • Integration Testing: This test assesses the interaction between software layers, including the Interface, Application, and Database layers. Conducted throughout development and testing phases, it evaluates software reactions to specific functions or features.
  • Security Testing: This examination uncovers vulnerabilities within the application that may lead to unexpected behavior or operational failure.


After successfully completing all the previous steps, we start publishing the project for the targeted audience.

  • Websites: We initiate website publication on search engines once content integration is complete. Simultaneously, we optimize the website to accommodate both human visitors and indexing crawlers.
  • Mobile Applications: We initiate mobile applications publication by submitting them to application stores.

Web Development

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