Learning Management Systems

Academies and training centers benefit greatly from having a Learning Management System (LMS) website as it centralizes course materials, facilitates seamless communication between instructors and students, and enables easy monitoring of student progress. This enhances the learning experience, improves the institution's image as a modern and tech-savvy educational provider, and saves both students and staff valuable time by streamlining administrative tasks. Additionally, an LMS website offers flexibility in scheduling and access to learning materials, catering to diverse learning styles and preferences, ultimately leading to increased student satisfaction and retention, which in turn boosts sales and revenue for the academy.

Since its establishment in 2007, Shoman Systems has accumulated extensive experience in developing and maintaining Learning Management System websites tailored to the unique needs of academies and training centers. Leveraging their own platform, Shoman Systems ensures robust and customizable solutions that align with the evolving requirements of educational institutions. Their expertise encompasses designing user-friendly interfaces, implementing interactive features, and integrating multimedia content to create engaging and effective learning environments. With a track record of successful implementations and a commitment to ongoing support and updates, Shoman Systems is well-equipped to deliver comprehensive LMS solutions that empower academies to thrive in the digital age.

Core Features:

  • Built from Scratch: All our work is coded entirely from scratch using our own codes without using any ready-made platforms, whether free or paid, providing maximum protection, development flexibility, and performance excellence.
  • Multilingual: The website operates in both Arabic and English by default and additional language can be added.
  • Customizable: Content is controlled through an easy and direct control panel.
  • Responsive Design: The website and control panel feature a responsive design compatible with all screen sizes, devices, and search engines.
  • SEO: Implementing relevant keywords, meta tags, and structured data, as well as improving website speed, mobile responsiveness, and overall user experience.
  • Home Page: Includes sliding images (Slides), a welcome message, and excerpts from other sections.
  • About Us Page: Provides information about the company, its vision, mission, and strategy.
  • Partners: Unlimited number of friendly companies can be added to the homepage or the About Us page.
  • Customer Reviews: Infinite number of reviews can be added to the homepage or the About Us page.
  • Team – Instructors: Unlimited team members with a dedicated page for each instructor can be added to the About Us page.
  • Search Engine: Ability to search for courses by name, price, or course ID.
  • Course Sections: Contains courses within each section, with the ability to rearrange them according to customer preference.
  • Course Details Page: Includes course information (name, a series of images displayed as slideshows, explanatory video, written description, enrollment terms file, course profile file).
  • Contact Us Page: Includes a digital contact form, contact information, and Google Maps location.
  • FAQ Page: Contains categorized frequently asked questions and their answers, with a search function for easy access.
  • Media Center:
    • Blog: Contains an infinite number of news sections, each with a name, image, and written description. They are categorized into news, videos, etc. Each post includes a name, image, written description (including HTML codes), or a link to view the video on YouTube.
    • Photo Galleries: Infinite number of photo galleries, each with a written description (including HTML codes) and an infinite number of photos.
  • Account Registration: Students can register manually or through social media accounts (Facebook, Google).
  • Shopping Cart: Adding courses to the shopping cart and confirming the order.
  • Certificate Verification: Page for verifying certificates added to the system.
  • Course Configuration:
    • Pricing options: Monthly subscription, session subscription (sessions).
    • Content: Course files and videos (up to 20 MB per video without issues according to the video encoding system). More than 20 MB per video requires adding an encryption system and a virtual or dedicated server.
  • Groups (Groups) - Paid additional service:
    • Setting start and end dates for groups, courses, and lectures.
    • Automatically adding students to the group after activating the invoice according to the group schedules and available settings.
    • Adding files or videos specific to each group.
    • Adding online lecture sessions for each group.
  • Online Exams - Paid additional service:
    • Infinite number of exams for each course, each with an infinite number of questions and answers.
    • Registering students individually for each exam and sending results and certificates (if automatic certificate system is added) immediately after the exam.
    • Exam duration starts immediately after it begins and is not affected by internet disconnection or page closure.
    • Possibility of retaking the exam for failing students.
  • Integration with Zoom Platform - Paid Additional Service:
    • Automatically create lecture links on the Zoom platform and send them to students and instructors.
    • Automatically update session/lecture status, absences, and attendance based on information sent from the platform.
  • Video Encryption - Paid Additional Service:
    • Completely prevent video downloads and make it impossible to play them outside the platform or without activated account credentials.
    • Requires adding a dedicated virtual server.
  • Automatic Certificate Printing - Paid Additional Service:
    • Add certificate and student ID card template for each program.
    • Automatically print the ID card and send it to the student via email after confirming the invoice.
    • Automatically print the certificate and send it to the student via email after passing the program exam, with the addition of a QR code linked to the verification page.

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